What is hydroponics?

What is hydroponics, its advantages over growing plants in the soil. The principle of hydroponics, the main hydroponic system methods and types

Passive hydroponic systems

The principle of passivity of the hydroponic system. For which types of plants is it suitable? When is the use of a passive or wick system justified?

Drip irrigation systems in hydroponics (Drip systems)

Drip irrigation systems, their use on an industrial scale. The use of mineral wool and other substrates in systems.

Ebb and Flow System - Periodic flooding in hydroponics

Prototype of a modern hydroponic system of periodic flooding currently ebb and flow. How it works, advantages and disadvantages. Selection of the optimal irrigation cycle.

Deep Flow Hydroponic Technique DFT

The essence of the work of the technique of deep flow in hydroponics (DFT, Deep Flow Technique). Why did it not find distribution?

Aeroponics Over other hydroponic systems

Aeroponics and its advantages over other hydroponic systems. The use of ultrasound in aeroponics. How to choose the right fogger.

Hydroponic floating platform system Deep Water Culture DWC

What is floating platform or deep water culture? Its small-sized option. Simple installation and high efficiency - the main advantages of this system.

Nutrient Layer Method in Hydroponics NFT

Nutrient Film Technique of hydroponics and its unique abilities. How to assemble the system yourself? Where better to use the NFT system?

Hydroponics of the future: development prospects

What is hydroponics future? The search for the ideal system continues. Experiments with a combination of various hydroponic systems.

Active hydroponic systems

The main difference between active hydroponic systems. What is their advantage? The main types of systems for hydroponics.

Vertical Hydroponic System

The effectiveness of vertical hydroponic systems. Variants of their execution. Advantages of vertical systems when growing small plants.

Aero-hydroponic systems

Aero-hydroponics as one of the modern hydroponic methods. Compulsory oxygenation of water. Ecological safety of the system.

Types of hydroponic systems

Criteria for choosing a specific hydroponic system. Ways to optimize the costs of organizing a system for hydroponics.

What system of hydroponics to choose?

Criteria for choosing a specific hydroponic system. Ways to optimize the costs of organizing a system for hydroponics.

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Water and its use in hydroponics

Unique properties of water. The chemical formula of water, its constituent elements. Important characteristics of water for hydroponics.

pH Factor

The decay of a water molecule into particles. RN indicator. Alkaline and acid reaction of the solution.

pH scale Table and examples

Rules for adjusting the acidity of the solution. Frequent mistakes of the beginner. Dependence of the amount of introduced H + and OH- ions on the initial pH.

Practical use of pH in hydroponics

The maximum permissible pH of a nutrient solution in hydroponics. The effect of pH of a solution on the strength of absorption of various elements by plants.

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