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Trying to grow beans in a 100 litre box. I'm using Power Feed Pro Series all in one Hydroponic nutrient. Water temperature is controlled at 22°C and I use an air stone.
Never used an EC meter before but we have just purchased one and, according to the scale, the ppm is between 200 to 300.

The box is about half full and the beans seem happy enough but I am tempted to add water plus nutrients and increase the PPM as I suspect it is too low.
Should I adopt "If it ain't broke then don't fix it"? Also can I grow different species in the same container or do they need to be seperate because of nutrient requirements?

grow beans in 100 liter box

power feed pro series

300 is low. You can double then triple

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Just as a matter of interest, it the product clear or the same as the rest of the PowerFeed range?

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    • Gary Fortington

      It's a milky colour.

    • Scott Pumfrey

      I was contemplating this last week as a trial / test for a recirculating DWC system. I used normal PowerFeed, so I will see if I can keep it alive for a few weeks.