I'm wanting to a build a small/medium sized indoor hydroponic garden. I am going to be using full spectrum led grow lights.

I definitely will be using Dutch buckets for some tomatoes and cucumbers. However I am debating what other method I want to use.

I want a vertical garden so either a zig zag/U shaped NFT, a rain tower, or a "low pressure" aeroponic tower. Pros and cons to these methods?

I'm leaning towards one of the towers.

Do the aeroponic sprayers really clog a lot?

Is there a way to mitigate it?

I also am considering adding a small ebb and flow garden to see which method I like best. I also like the versatility of that type of container. Thoughts/advice?

indoor hydroponic garden

vertical hydroponic garden

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    • Kim Gosselin

      are there holes on both sides? Where did you get this one

    • John Coleman

      found this on Pinterest. I'm making something similar.

Following. Haven’t decided which one for us yet either. Small apt with kids and little left over cash

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